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Bit rate

Bitrate is the amount of data that is transferred within a specified time over a telecommunication network. Bitrate is crucial in today’s digital world where speed and quality are primary concerns for everything that is being processed on the computers, mobile phones, and other internet connected gadgets.

Bitrate is measured in multiples of bits per second like kbps (kilobits) Mbps (megabits). It is also referred to as data transfer rate or data rate. High-resolution videos or high definition movies, online games require high-speed internet where loads of data are transmitted within a few seconds. Bitrate also describes the quality of audio/video files. The quality and speed of transmission will be higher if the bit rate is higher. Bitrate measures the quality of an audio or video file similar to a resolution used to measure an image file.

Bitrate in case of hard drives and SSDs determines the read and write speeds of a device. While considering the internet, high speed is a must and accounts for faster transfer of files and applications from one point to another without taxing the hardware being used. There are several websites available where the speed of the internet i.e. the bitrate speed that the user is getting can be checked.

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