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Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

There are two levels of services that the Integrated Services Digital Network(ISDN) offers. One of them is for the home and small enterprises and is called Basic Rate Interface (BRI) while the other called Primary Rate Interface(PRI) is meant for the larger users. Both the rates come with a few B-channels and a single D-channel.

There are dedicated lines allocated to the B-channels. They are used for transmission of voice and documents along with other services. On the other hand, the D channel is designed for controlling and signaling data. in the form of packets. BRI comes with 2 B-channels each of 64 kbps and one single D-channel of 16kbps. This allows the BRI to deliver up to 128 kbps of data over the home phone lines. Although it is available for small users, it is generally used only at times when DSL and cable modem services are not accessible. The PRI comes with much larger channel capabilities of about 23 B-channels in the USA and 30 B-channels in Europe and one 64kbps D-channel in all locations.

The idea behind the ISDN services is to enable multiple users to access the service lines simultaneously. It looks to offer dedicated lines, modems and other cabling expenses at affordable prices making it feasible for small businesses and residential users.

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