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Backup is a phrase used in computer technology that refers to taking a copy of all the physical and virtual files, applications and data. This copy is used as a recovery tool at times of data loss due to system failure or any outage manmade or natural. The backing up of data is the key factor in the process of disaster recovery. However reliable and efficient a computer may be, it is also prone to breakdowns and failures.

Backup of files and applications enhance the data security of an organization. It is recommended that an organization should make at least two or three backups of all their files. One of the backup forms should be at a third party location that is accessible even at times when an organization faces a failover due to natural disasters like floods or fire.

It is also crucial to decide what data needs back up and how frequently should the backup be done. The service providers offer daily, weekly or monthly backup schedules depending on the volume and nature of the business. Backup services can be processed and saved on external devices like hard disk drives and tapes. But a more cost-effective solution that is popular today is the cloud storage which is more efficient and affordable too. 

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