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AWS Hybrid Cloud

Most businesses are adopting the hybrid cloud architecture as it allows them the flexibility to maintain an internally managed private cloud and rely on the public cloud. Cloud migration has its own challenges and requires a well-planned strategy and assessing of current infrastructure, the workloads, and applications, in-house technical capabilities, training about pre and post-migration, estimates of capital and operational expenses etc.

AWS offers a suite of services that can accelerate the migration process of the applications.

AWS Storage Gateway creates a seamless storage between the AWS cloud and on-premise environment. It integrates multiple storage appliances with efficient network connectivity to provide a high performance, secure and unlimited cloud storage.

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) allows easy setup, the operational and scalable relational database on the cloud. Customers can choose from a range of database engines that include MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Amazon S3 offers scalable, secure, durable cloud storage. It is built to store any type of data, retrieve it from anywhere, on any device ensuring 99.99% performance. The data is secure with encryption all the time including at rest and while in transit.

AWS Snowball is a transport solution used to move a high volume of data between networks. Snowball is secure, fast, and an affordable transport system at lower bandwidth consumption than the other options.

AWS VPC enables users to provision virtual instances with control to create and configure the route tables and network gateways.

AWS Direct Connect enables a private connection between the AWS cloud and the client in-house data center or a third-party colocation facility.

There are many more such tools that are put into use. Integrating the hybrid cloud architecture with the AWS into an organization’s IT infrastructure can be beneficial in several ways. It improves flexibility, agility, and is secure and cost-effective. However, it can be a daunting task for an organization to do on their own as the process is not without challenges. It can go beyond the skills and competency of an in-house IT team. The best way for an organization is to use the professional services of trained AWS partners who have the practical experience of assessing, helping with migratory plans and can provide the necessary support for a successful migration.

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