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An autoresponder is an email utility that’s designed to reply to an email message automatically. The reply is usually in the form of a prewritten response. The response is triggered when that email comes is delivered into a specific email address or internet address.

Autoresponders are a convenient way of responding to email messages by those who are busy handling other key tasks or to respond to emails that does not require a personalized and detailed reply.

An individual may also activate and use an autoresponder feature of email to inform the concerned sender that they are not available presently and will not be replying personally to emails until they return to the office.

Companies generally make use of an autoresponder to respond to a newsletter subscription request or to verify signing in or cancellation of a subscription cancellation. It is also a procedure used to indicate to the sender that a user comment was received. Autoresponders are also used by ecommerce companies to confirm an online purchase or processing of an order.

Autoresponders can even be used to schedule sending or responses on a specific date or to send a specific type of message. It can be designed to be sent out to an individual or to all the selected members of an email list.

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