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Automatic Online Backup

Automatic online backup provides an ability to back up the files from hard drive to storage facility like remote server through the internet connection. Often, it is included as a cloud hosting or computing part, where the backup is distributed from the remote location as it will reduce technical responsibilities and hardware infrastructure for the clients. 

How it works 

Backup process duplicates the stores and data on various media or storage system for an easy access in the recovery situation. This purpose is served by cloud backup for most of the organizations. 

The list of cloud backup services is following –

1. Back up directly to Public Cloud – It is the method of entailing data writing straightway to the cloud infra providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS - Amazon Web Services.

2. Cloud-to-cloud Backup - For the data reside in the cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, it copies the data from one cloud to other clouds. 

3. Back up to the Service Provider - An enterprise or organization writes the data to cloud hosting provider along with the backup service in the managed data center.

Benefits of Automatic Online Backup – 

In case, backup data volume is certainly low, then there are minimized costs. A few cloud hosting providers like DialWebHosting offers free backup of the cloud to a certain limit.

The cloud environment is scalable. Increasing sets of data are backed up easily in the cloud; however, businesses have to be cautious of growing costs as the volume of data grows.

Managing or handling cloud backups is quite simple as the hosting providers pay attention to most tasks required for the different backup forms. 

Generally, they are more secure in contrast to ransomware attacks as they take place outside of office network.

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