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Asterisk is a revolutionary software by Digium Inc. it is the first open source for building communication that comes with fully integrated VOIP PBX. This is apt for all business sizes and can drastically reduce the cost included in setting up the traditional PBX system. Asterisk runs on Linux and is friendly on other window platforms as well. It supports different varieties of VOIP Protocols and can be used by the business as well as the individuals. Some of the protocols used by Asterisk are H.323, MGCCP, and SIP. These programs can help to connect IP Phones to the traditional phone lines with ease.

Asterisk is loaded with different features and is certainly an affordable option. It offers many benefits to users. It uses the broadband connection for connecting with the telephone network as it a VOIP PBX system. Now the employees working remotely can also directly connect with the office PBX through the internet, so the employee is working from home can now be reached on the office extension. For the large business, houses that have offices in different locations can do away with the conferencing expense, as the employees can stay connected with the PBX system with the help of the internet connection. Asterisk also gives each phone its own voicemail box, which is directly connected with the mail accounts of the employees so that no messages are missed. The Asterisk phones come with many high-end features like call data recording, voice recognition system etc. It is not just beneficial for the company but also benefits to the customers are in different ways.

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