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Application Service Provider

An application service provider (ASP) is a company that software applications over the internet or any similar network to individuals and businesses.  The services are also referred to as Software as a Service(SaaS) or on-demand software and apps on tap. ASP takes away the process of having to install the software applications on various individual computers or network stations and saves the space in the system hard drive space that is consumed while installing these applications. Yet another feature is that the software upgrades are done automatically and the ASP generally extends technical support and security to the software. Asp has been proving beneficial for small businesses that have a limited budget for IT infrastructure, nonprofit and membership organizations, individuals and government bodies. 

ASP has many advantages for the users as it allows remote access, lowers IT costs, frees the technical team from software installation, updating and maintenance works to look after other projects and operations useful for the business. Majority of the users find the pay-per-use model or yearly subscription quite feasible through the larger enterprises have their own in-house ASP service shifting the applications from personal computers to special application servers.

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