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Applet is a program that is written in the Java programming language which is embedded into an HTML page. It cannot run on its own and needs to be included in another software application. Applet runs on the Java-enabled web browsers. Applet is built to run remotely on the client browser. It is used to create dynamic web applications. The applets can also be written in other scripts like Pascal, Scala, Jython, Jruby etc. Applet is different from the java based applications in the sense that the applets are only executed in an Applet Viewer or Java compatible web browsers. The Java applet appears on the browser as a new window within the frame of the webpage.
Some features of the Java applet include. Applets are small in file size, and can cross-platform and are compatible to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. They are ideal for small internet applications that are accessible from a browser. They support all the versions of Java plug-in that are installed simultaneously. This allows the users to manage with the older plug-ins if they require but at times when an applet needs a later version of JRE (Java Run-time Environment) the user has to download it and wait for it to be downloaded.

Applets runs in a sandbox (a security mechanism for separating programs) allowing the users to work on the programs without any security approval. Applets runs in a restricted mode without accessing any system resources. It can also be customized without the necessity of the software being rewritten. Applets can run independently in mobile devices without the need of any other program. It still gets similar security and portability as applicable in the standard implementation without the need of an applet container.  An applet container is an environment created to run a program that offers a secure execution of applet. 

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