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Apache Tomcat

It is defined as open-source web server tool which is developed by ASF – Apache Software Foundation. It is among the open source products of Apache that are utilized by IT experts for multiple objectives and tasks. 

This software permits implementation of Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlets in order to promote an efficient Java server environment. In addition, it can also access the configuration resources and utilize XML (extensible markup language) in order to configure projects. The Apache Tomcat’ successive versions have resolved many issues by applying the software patches and others. A few experts characterize this software as a product, providing runtime shell to Java Servlets. Additionally, users can set up the JVM (Java Virtual Machines) for configuration of virtual hosting

Features of Apache Tomcat - 

• Tomcat Website

• It is Servlet/JSP Container

• It utilizes AJP protocol in spite of HTTP. The HTTP’s optimized version is basically AJP

• It handles both static and dynamic pages anytime

• Apache Tomcat is used for hosting Perl scripts and java based code

• It is completely made on JAVA

• Apache Tomcat supports the SSL options

• It is mostly utilized for JSP pages

• As compared to Apache, it is faster while helping JSP dynamic pages

Benefits of Apache Tomcat - 

• Highly-Flexible – Apache Tomcat has a suite of in-built customization options and lightweight in nature. In addition, it is quite flexible. 

• Extra Level Security – Most of the organizations selected to position Tomcat installation behind the extra firewall, which is accessible only via Apache installation. 

• Stable Server – Apache Tomcat is the most stable platform in order to run applications, which will make a contribution to the stability of the server. 

• Open-Source – For many businesses, open-source is a win-win factor. It is free and source code for the server is available readily to everyone who will download the same. With Apache Tomcat, you get an unbelievable degree of freedom so far.

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