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Almost everyone who has an email account would complain of being bombarded with unwanted advertisements or unsolicited bulk email that is known as spam. Anti-spam means any process, hardware, or software that prevents spam from entering any system or controls its proliferation. 

Most email systems of today have an anti-spam system in place to filter their emails and detect spam, which is then diverted to a spam folder. 

Some anti-spam measures are also followed to keep it in check. These are:

Blacklisting sites that are known to be spam originators.

Use of anti-virus software that rejects emails containing any virus.

Use of SPF (Sender Policy Framework) information to verify email origin.

Use of callback verification to check the authenticity of the email return address.

Use of gray-listing to reject an email on a temporary basis, since a genuine email will be resent.

Whitelisting is also an effective anti-spam technique, but some people consider it an excessive measure. This is because it eliminates all not-pre-approved sources.

Spammers are always on the move to finding out ways and means to subvert these anti-spam measures. That’s why there are newer and better software programs being developed to keep spam out of our mailboxes.

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