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Anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP is a process for downloading public files using the File Transfer Protocol. It is called anonymous because there is no need to reveal your identity before accessing files. You can enter any name of code in place of password when the host prompts you for a username. You can use your email address or log in as a guest to gain easy access to files. In most cases, accessing an anonymous FTP does not even require a name or password.

Many times, the FTP can default the password. In such instances, Anonymous FTP is the process used for accessing the server or when you want to view or download files which are available publicly.

Once an anonymous FTP is created for a single file, then there is no need to create anonymous FTP or ID repeatedly for transferring another files or applications. You can easily transfer files on the specific ID address you have created. The only precaution you must take is to log in from both the sides to gain access to the files.

Anonymous FTP can also be used for sharing files with those you want to view these files. They can access the files directly without a password.

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