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Angular JS

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that can be added to an HTML page with a script tag. It is open-source cross-platform framework maintained by Google and released under the MIT License. It was first initiated in 2010 and now the latest release is the version 2.4.6.

Features of Angular JS:

It comes as an MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller).

• It is two-way data-binding and saves the users from writing too many codes allowing them more time to focus on their applications.

• Templates in AngularJS allow viewing with HTML elements attached to Angular directives and markup for data binding using expressions. This allows better workflow between designers and developers with designers doing markup with their HTML and developers taking it further and put up the functionalities with ease.

• Angular directives can be used to create custom HTML tags. It has two types of directives. First is the ng-app to initiate the app and second is the ng-include directive that displays the data extracted from an external file.

• Angular expressions are written inside two curly braces that bind the expressions to the HTML elements. These are different from JavaScript expressions.

• Angular modules help in splitting the app into smaller manageable structures that maintain the structure in an organized manner.

• An angular scope is a JavaScript object that enables the data to view expression and display where the expression is located.

• The angular filter modifies the data before it reaches the user.

Angular JS is testable and the development team expects all the codes written in JavaScript to be tested. The framework comes with an end-to-end unit test runner setup.

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