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Addon Domain

An addon domain can be made from the control panel. It points to its own folder. It is the fully functional domain that looks like a website, distinct and independent from the main domain.

It is a new website hosted in a new folder on your account which allows hosting of several domains from one control panel. An addon domain can be given email addresses and forwarders in the same manner as the main domain.

The addon domain will appear as completely separate and independent from the primary domain. The design should be such that the incoming traffic should not be able to recognize that they are being directed to an addon domain. Usually, this happens by default when an Addon domain is allocated to the account. No further action is needed besides loading content into the addon domain folder.

With an addon domain, you can create a folder in the public HyperText Markup Language (HTML) directory. It also leads to the creation of a subdomain for the main domain which is attached to the new folder. Also, the new domain name is associated with the subdomain.

The addon domains will continue to remain active even if you do not want to renew your main domain.

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