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Ad Server

Ad server is a computer system, a web server to be precise, that stores advertisements and displays them on one or more sites when visitors browse the sites. Websites generally allow ads to be run on their pages for monetary considerations. These advertisements have to be monitored, tested constantly and replaced when it goes obsolete. Ad servers do this work. Ad servers were first introduced in 1995 by FocaLink Media services.

Features of ad servers:

Ad servers update the advertisements on a website in such a way that when a customer refreshes or revisits a page, a new advertisement is delivered to them.

• The purpose behind the server is to serve advertisements that would interest the visitor.

• It delivers all types of content like banner ads, static images, jpg, gif files, flash files, JavaScript tags, animated media and similar.

• It serves as a tracker and lays out details like how many clicks and impressions the ad campaign is drawing and how effective the ads are for the user.

• Allows the publishers to monitor and manage the ad space on a website.

• Serves multiple ads to reach a targeted audience quickly.

Ad server is of two types:

One is the remote server where the servers are run by third parties who serve the ads across domains that are owned by multiple publishers. The ads are centralized and delivered from a single source. Advertisers and the publishers thus are able to have control over the ads.

The second type is the local server which is run by a single publisher and the ads are restricted only to that publisher’s domains.

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