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Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages (ASPs) can be termed as pages on the web that also comprises of server-side scripts apart from the normal combination of Hypertext Markup Language tags and text. The scripts are distinct commands placed in pages on the web that are processed before they can be sent to the personal web server to the browser of the visitor to your website.

When a Uniform Resource Locator (URL)  is entered in the address box of a browser or a link is clicked on a web page, you are effectively requesting a distant computer to move a file to the web browser on your computer. You receive the content as an amalgamation of images, and text.

In the case of an Active Server Page, an additional step takes place just before the server dispatches the file. Besides the usual steps, it also runs an all server-side script contained in the page. Some of these scripts show the present day and time, and other statistics. The information that has been typed into the form is processed. This might be in the form of a page in the guestbook of the website.

It is easy to distinguish ASP from typical HTML pages as all Active Server Pages come with the ".asp" extension. Side server scripts can be placed anywhere on the webpage and also inside the HTML tags.

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