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Reseller Web Hosting India
Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting Services

A web hosting service that which enables account owners to host websites on behalf of third parties is called reseller hosting. In this service, one can make use of their allotted hard drive space and bandwidth. This model includes a reseller who pays for services at wholesale rates to the provider and then, sells the same to customers. This model permits business owners to churn out a substantial profit.

DialWebHosting is the best reseller hosting provider. Our robust reseller server program at has been purpose-built to drive your business forward. With us, you need not spend precious time and money on obsolete software solutions. Our server management strategies perform impeccably and are motorized by a huge number of value-added value added features.

Some salient features included in our reseller hosting plans are:

Avail both Windows and Linux reseller hosting packages with us. Businesses availing reseller server hosting packages can avail many benefits. A few of these points have been discussed below:

  • Reseller accounts include a huge number of features as compared to ordinary basic plans.
  • A site owner of admin can easily manage the website in a highly effective manner. These domains are loaded with a lot of features.
  • Maintenance expenditure is very low when you choose our package.
  • Your business goals are driven because you leverage dedicated servers.
  • These are feature loaded plans. Dell PowerEdge Servers, Quad Core Intel Xeon, 12 GB DDR2 RAM, 2x750 GB SATA Hard Disks, Hardware RAID 1, 100 Mbps Switch port, 2N + 1 UPS System, NAS Backup Storage are a few robust hardware features which you can avail with us.
  • Our plans fortify your business with eCommerce support (ZenCart, Cube Cart, etc.)
  • Your organization is backed by fully managed tier 3 data centers which allow you to have administrator RDP access.

Advantages of Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Pocket-Friendly Investment

Choosing unlimited reseller hosting plans from the service provider is one of the healthy ways of churning business benefits. The reseller hosting is cheap in cost as in comparison to other reseller hosting plans, which allows to aloft the perks of hosting services without spending an extra penny on other resources for starting up with hosting.

Brand Building

If one is hoping to earn benefits by becoming a web hosting service provider. Reseller hosting is best to build one’s own brand at the lowest investment and all sorts of resources. There are ample of best reseller hosting plans available that bolsters in growing the business from here to there.

Low Maintenance with High Business Profits

By driving the business with the best reseller hosting provider in India, the organization can completely rely on a dedicated team for technical support that came along with culled best reseller hosting packages.

Easy Customization of Reseller Hosting Plan

Reseller hosting allows customizing the packages and plans as per the requirement of the business and its type. The hosting type offers a chance to personalize the bandwidth, disk space as well as operating systems, i.e., Linux Reseller Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting.

The Comparison Between Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting company in India usually offer hosting services for two types of operating systems, i.e, Linux Reseller Hosting, and Windows Reseller Hosting.

The duo types are quite popular among the resellers interested in having the best reseller hosting packages.

Following is the detailed comparison between Linux and Windows reseller hosting-

Comparison Between Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting
Point of DifferenceLinux Reseller HostingWindows Reseller Hosting
Security Linux reseller hosting offers an additional range of security. Windows reseller hosting is having a high-security level but less in comparison to Linux reseller hosting.
Cost Linux reseller hosting is available at a very cheap rate. Windows reseller hosting is slightly higher in cost than Linux reseller hosting.
Customization Linux reseller hosting is having a number of customization options, exclusively for admins. Windows reseller hosting is a great customization option, but only if one is not the admin.
Installation Installation for Linux reseller hosting is critical when configuring the applications with the operating system. Installation for Windows reseller hosting is definitely much easier than Linux reseller hosting.
Stability Linux reseller hosting is much more stable to work due to its open-source nature. Windows reseller hosting is less stable due to highly recorded regular updates.

Who Should Become a Reseller Hosting Service Provider?

Reseller hosting is a great source of generating revenue out of your existing space on the data center installed at infrastructure.

Let’s say you are having enough reseller space and not able to use it fully. Then in that case it is better to become the reseller instead of wasting the resources.

By reselling the extra space on the server and data center, one can easily make up the money from it.

Reseller Hosting v/s Dedicated Server

Reseller hosting and dedicated server both serve a different purpose for drafting the business benefits.

Following is the detailed comparison of how the duo, Reseller hosting, and Dedicated server differ from one another.

Comparison Between Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Server
Point of ComparisonReseller HostingDedicated Server
Installation Reseller hosting is easy to install and start with if you are new to the whole hosting concept. Dedicated server is a difficult and time-consuming process for getting it installed at the base if one is an amateur at server management.
Cost Reseller hosting is cheaper in cost when it comes to server management. Dedicated servers are heavy in cost and cost big in comparison to reseller hosting.

We Offer Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Dialwebhosting offers the feasibility to account owners with the best reseller web hosting plans in India to host the website by having a lot from the third-party service provider and run the same as of its own and earn productive results from same.

Our unlimited reseller hosting plans in India are detailed with an impeccable set of features such as 99.95% uptime, optimized cost structure with variants of the customized plan, easy installation, etc., that allows the accounts to have a maximum rate of profits.

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Dialwebhosting, no doubt gives plans for the best Linux reseller hosting in India. The company has helped me in all the best ways to personalize the package by keenly understanding the concerns of my business’s need.

A big token of thanks to Dialwebhosting for extending their hand of support with their round the clock services to tackle with issues related to reseller hosting.

The organization has helped us in earning visible benefits with their best reseller hosting packages. Kudos to Dialwebhosting.

I was always looking for a way to enjoy hosting services along with earning additional profits. Dialwebhosting’s affordable reseller hosting plans seems a panacea to enjoy business benefits.

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