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How To Migrate Wordpress Blog To New Domain

How to Migrate WordPress Blog to New Domain?

There are situations that necessitate a WordPress blog to be migrated to another domain. There can be an issue of multiple spam penalties that can be recovered and such situation would demand beginning everything from the scratch. There can be a need to rebrand your business by opting for a complete makeover of brand names and sites.

In some situations, users may find that a much stronger domain can be accessed that is highly authoritative in the same segment as that of your product. Shifting your WordPress blog to such a strong domain can enhance your traffic significantly.

One needs to ensure that by moving WordPress site to new domain, there is no loss of SEO. In order to maintain your Google rankings you need to follow steps as mentioned in the article. It should be noted that there will be a temporary impact on your rankings as well as traffic since the search engines will take some time for adjusting to new changes.

Vital precautions prior to migration

The most vital aspect of migrating your blog is creation of full backup of the existing site by downloading all content from the current site on hosting servers. This is required in order to eventually upload contents of site to a new domain. Secondly, you need to protect your content against possible errors and reserve the option of restoring your existing site with help of backed up content.

Ideally, one should create a copy of two sections including data bases and static files. Database consists of your posts and pages stored in form of tables that are individually assigned for pages or posts. In another section of static flies you can backup theme files, CSS files, or WordPress files.

Backup can be performed by using a plugin named 'Backup Buddy'. This is a simple and easy way of backing up your databases and static files. The backup can be sent to cloud storage or can be downloaded for saving for future use. Alternatively you can also access backup functionality of cPanel or use a manual process of backup.

Setting up a new abode

You can access your DNS address from your hosting service provider, which is normally emailed along with two DNS server addresses. These need to be added as custom DNS servers and saved. The effect can be reflected within 24 hours and the same can be checked by using DNS check tool.

Now you will be required to create a new database by accessing 'MySQL Database Wizard' in cPanel. This can be found in Databases section. You can select a new name for database that should be associated with site. Click on 'Create database' after you enter the same in blank space.

Next step involves creation of username and password. While selecting privileges in the subsequent step you can select 'all privileges' since you will be the one to have privileges. After searching for file wp-config.php you have to add user, password, and database name. The older content can be uploaded by using plugin or by using cPanel.

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