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Brief Account Of Manual Migration Of Wp Site To Dialwebhosting

Brief Account of Manual Migration of WP Site to DialWebHosting

You may be expecting that migration of your WordPress website to DialWebHosting is going to be an extremely overwhelming task. There is no reason to panic because the migration is not going to be as complex as believed to be. Unfortunately, many WordPress Site owners postpone migrating to a more reliable host such as DialWebHosting fearing that the migration may harm their site because of possibility of some errors or mistakes.

Multiple ways to migrate WP sites

It is observed that there are three ways one can shift the WordPress site from an existing host to DialWebHosting. It is possible to appoint an expert professional to do the job or use services offered by the new host for migration. The third option is to do it yourself with a little guidance.

The very first step you need to execute before migrating your WordPress site to DialWebHosting is to backup all your website's files. You may try one of the any plugins that are available or baking up your site.

Although the option of plugins is commonly used, it is better to adopt an essentially manual approach. You can assess an FTP program such as FileZilla and establish connection with your host to copy every single file in your website directory. These can be copied to a folder on your local machine. This must also include .htaccess file and other hidden files. It is advisable to consult FTP programmer to display all such hidden files.

The process of copying may take significant time in relation to the volume of media files on your website. You may initiate second step while the process of copying is underway.

Exporting WordPress database

WordPress database export is relatively a very simple process and can be finished by executing few steps. By logging in to your web server's cPanel account you are required to access the PHPMyAdmin application.

Chose the relevant database associated with your WordPress installation from the list displayed on the left hand side. Having selected the database, you can now click on the EXPORT tab that appears on navigation menu. You can keep the default settings such as SQL format and Quick export as it is. To initiate the database export, you need to pres the GO button. The file containing the WordPress installation database is downloaded on your local computer.

Now you have finished transferring your FTP files and exporting the database. It is time to move on to the next steps of the migration.

Creating WordPress database on server of DialWebHosting

It is necessary to create a right environment before beginning migration to DialWebHosting for installation of your WordPress website. In order to import SQL data, you need to create a database.

Log on to DialWebHosting by accessing the new user credentials that are provided by the host and connect to cPanel. The MySQL database application provided by DialWebHosting is going to be used by us. Execute the following simple steps.

The process involves creating a new database by opening MySQL database by using the relevant name of your WP Website. This is followed by using a secure password to create a new MySQL user and then adding the same user to new database by granting the user All Privileges.

Editing file- wp-config.php

His file is designed o control access between database and WordPress. Now you will have to change username, password, and database name. This follows importing your database to upload WordPress files to DialWebHosting.

This way you can migrate your WordPress Site to DialWebHosting.

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