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You Can Integrate Cdn With Joomla Easily And Boost Website Performance Remarkably

You Can Integrate CDN With Joomla Easily And Boost Website Performance Remarkably

Want to improve the working of your Joomla site even if it is doing fairly well on key performance parameters? There is a simple solution available for increase the speed of your website and ensure that your visitors have a great experience. The quick and easy way of doing it is to use a CDN or Content Delivery Network.

After WordPress, Joomla enjoys pride of place as the most popular content management systems. It is an open source CMS that comes with a large number of extensions that makes customization of the website a breeze.

Why Integrate With CDN

A Joomla website with its ability to load faster can guarantee high user satisfaction. Choosing the best CDN for Joomla is critical to achieve the desired outcome. It is critical to choose the best Content Delivery Network for Joomla. With the right solution, the static content of a Joomla site will be delivered to the user in a smooth and hassle-free manner. The integration of CDN into a Joomla website can be done even by those who are not technologically savvy by using the CDN for Joomla plugin. The plugin updates the website so that static assets are loaded regularly and accurately.

It is possible to integrate a fully-featured Content Delivery Network seamlessly with Joomla. You can follow these simple steps to achieve this.

The Process

First step is to log in to your Joomla account and access the admin panel. Go to extension manager and choose the install option from URL. Find the install URL input field, copy the URL, paste in the space provided and click 'install'.

On your browser window, find manage and click. This will take you to the extension manager search field. Here, you must enter 'CDN' and click ok. This will bring up the CDN extension which was installed in the previous step. For enabling the extension, check the box provided next to the System which states No Number CDN for Joomla. Click on enable. This ensures that the extension is active and ready to use.

There are a few steps remaining to complete the process. Click extension and look for Plugin Manager. Click on the select option and search for CDN. Next, click on the name of the CDN Plugin. This is denoted by No Number CDN for Joomla.

How To Ensure Accuracy

We are almost there now. All you have to do is enter the CDN hostname that the CDN provider has given you. This has to be typed accurately in the CDN domain text field. Click on Save and you are ready to use the improved and fast Joomla website.

It is heavily recommended that you closely inspect the HTML code to make sure that URLs have been rewritten in the right manner and without any errors. All fixed assets mentioned in the file type in the plugin should now be pointing to the chosen CDN.

Before you start, go through the steps again to check if everything has been done right. This will ensure that the process is completed faultlessly.

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