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What Is Ubuntu And How It Works

What is Ubuntu and How it Works?

Ubuntu is an African word that means humanity to others but in terms of technology it is an open-source operating system that's based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. It includes all the features of a Unix OS and also has a customizable GUI. That's the reason why Ubuntu is extremely popular among research organizations. Ubuntu has been designed to be used on personal computer. However, server OS editions are also available.

Ubuntu is an example of a commercial project based on the Linux kernel. It has been engineered to provide software platform that users and developers can access and work on for free. It also helps companies and organizations design computer systems that spur efficiency and are cost effective as well.

To get a copy of this free OS, all you have to do is visit the Ubuntu website and download the OS directly and save it in a CD or USB drive. Once you have copied the OS to the drive or CD, you can boot your computer using Ubuntu.

A version of Ubuntu is also available to turn your computer into a network server. The server software is also available for free. You can create an entire farm of servers by burning your own CDs after you've downloaded the operating system.

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