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What Drupal Resources Do You Recommend

What Drupal Resources Do You Recommend?

There is a plethora of online resources to learn Drupal. These resources can be found in form of video tutorials, links to forum discussions, tips for Drupal designs, basic Drupal links and above all official Drupal sites.

This is an official site of and contains everything that is related to Drupal. With thousands of modules and voluminous collection of Drupal themes, this site is bursting with Drupal resources. It is highly recommended as 'get-started-guide' for beginners.

No other resource can offer you a vast collection of official Drupal documentation than Basic Drupal Guides. Learn everything about Drupal including, administration, Drupal installation, site building, theming, structure, and last but not the least Drupal FAQs!

Drupal Module Finder can be considered as an extension to Drupal's official site that offers you as many as 13000 Drupal modules. Here you will be able to compare and select the best module that is suitable for your website. The site is also worth touching for reading broad gamut of reviews and so forth.

If you are looking for Drupal tutorials, then following sites are worth a visit.

Drive to this site for learning some basic Drupal stuff such as how to use Drupal Taxonomy, how to update Drupal, how to install Drupal modules and things like that.

Planet Drupal offers the latest in Drupal current affairs, tutorials, and much more.

Hours and hours of Video tutorials on Drupal await you on this site. Watch Drupal training videos and tutorials and most the presenters are from Drupal community. Isn't it an icing on the cake? offers almost nine hours of Drupal 7 TRAINING ALONG WITH Acquia Drupal Garden Series to make it an ideal destination for Drupal training.

This resource helps you learn Drupal from the scratch and is an ideal for enterprise training for staff as well as students. The subscription based is also a great source for Drupal video library.

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