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What Are The Steps Involved In Connecting Database With A Temporary Mysql Hostname

What Are The Steps Involved In Connecting Database With A Temporary MySQL Hostname

It is possible to connect database with a temporary MySQL hostname even when your primary site is not pointing towards your server host. This can be done easily and in a maximum of three steps:

The Three Mandatory Steps

First you have to create a subdomain of your web server host domain. The second step is to use the newly created subdomain to create a MySQL hostname. This new MySQL hostname can now be used to access your database. The access can be achieved through phpMyAdmin.

To create a subdomain of your preferred server host, first sign up for any server hosting plan and then add your current domain to the account. This will result in a situation where in you will have a hosting plan and a domain set but there will be no registration pointing to it, at least till now. While browser access won't be possible, you can see it via FTP. 

Next, log in to your account in the panel by clicking on panel, domain and manage domains. This is the stage where you can create a subdomain under your server host domain. You can create the subdomain free of charge.

Next comes the process of adding a hostname for your subdomain. This is how it is done.

Adding Hostname For Subdomain

Click on the panel and go to Goodies and MySQL databases page. This will open up the hostnames for the page for adding a MySQL hostname. This can take some time depending on your server host. After the process is done, enter the hostname prefix. This can be any name of your choice but MySQL is commonly used to avoid confusion. Then click on the dropdown menu to choose a new subdomain name. After you have made your choice, you will have to confirm to finish the process. Click on the blue icon that says - Create this MySQL hostname now to complete the process of adding a new hostname for your subdomain.

Accessing Database With phpMyAdmin

Next, we come to the third and final step of accessing your database with phMyAdmin. This can be initiated only after the DNS changes the propagate. In most cases, this can take anywhere from four to twenty four hours. Once this step is completed, then you will be able to access the phpMyAdmin MySQL management service. For this, you will have to use the MySQL hostname that you had created.

It is not advisable to try and access phpMyAdmin before the DNS records of the MySQL hostname are updated. That's because your server host's phpMyAdmin interface will not be able to identify or recognize your login information.

It is possible to access database before a DNS change. For this, you will have to generate a unique hostname or domain name or IP address for your MySQL server. A registered hostname is mandatory to complete the process successfully. This arrangement enables you to conveniently access and use all the MySQL installations of your server host. You can also manage all your database from the panel/MySQL databases page.

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