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Methods To Manually Backup Your Dedicated Site Files

Methods To Manually Backup Your Dedicated Site Files

One needs to appreciate that customers are not provided with option of restoration of Website Backup from the within the control panel by accessing SSH and by using the admin user.

In order to access backups for dedicated server, you have to find server's backup directory. If you need to backup data from the latest backup you need to rename the website's directory that is to be restored. This should be followed by creating a new and empty website folder such as In the next step you need to run rsync for copying files to this blank folder.

Older Backup

You can search for snapshots in .zfs as well as snapshot directory to access older backups. If anything from the snapshot is to be restored, you will have to rename the website's directory that needs to be restored. Now you can create a blank copy and subsequently run rsync.

Manual Data Backup

You can backup your account's content by using manual method. You can try any of the following methods.

Backing UP Through FTP- In the event of your user having larger data volumes, the manual method of data backup should be preferred. If the data to be backed up runs into multiple GBs, then you can ensure manual zipping f folders as a SHELL user. Compressing the directories can accelerate the process.

Database Backup- The most common method of backing up your database is via the PHPMyAdmin interface. In addition to this simple process, you can also explore many more options that are available.

Email Backup- Manual backup of email can be executed via email client. This process requires the mail client to be configured for downloading messages from DialWebHosting servers to your local machines.

These are tried and trusted methods for backing up contents of your accounts manually.

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