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How To Whitelist Your Ip In Cpanel For Remote Mysql Access

How to Whitelist Your IP in cPanel for Remote MySQL Access?

IPS is by default blocked and therefore are needed to be added to access list. For accessing IPs, they must be added to Whitelist IP address list. A program present in the PC such as Adobe Dreamweaver  can be used for accessing server's database by allowing remote MySQL connections. Until and unless specified IPs are included in the Whitelist, a MySQL admin tool can't be used for logging in to MySQL from a remote computer because the firewall will block them automatically. 

For adding your IP address to whitelist of MySQL, the below mentioned steps can be followed -

Step #1 First find the cpanel and login to it.
Step #2 Now, go to the Databases category and click Remote MySQL icon
Step #3 You will find "add" link just besides your IP address. Click it. If the IP address is not showing, type the Class C address and then click the add button. 

P.S. If you are whitelisting Class C IP address, it means you are allowing everything under first three octets of IP address.

If you are unaware of your IP address, you can search and find the same from the ip search option provided by the hosting service provider.

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