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How To View Website Statistics In Cpanel Using Advance Website Stats Awstats

How to View Website Statistics in cPanel Using Advance Website Stats (AWStats)?

If you have a website, one thing you definitely want to check is the traffic coming to your site. To enable users view the number of people visiting your website, statistics report has been built in the cPanel. The program that shows website statistics in cPanel is called AWStats. You can get the instantly get website statistics just by clicking the "Update Now" link. Otherwise, the program gets updated after every 24 hours.

Statistics provided by Advanced Website Stats include Top 10 authenticated users, top 25 hosts, top 25 countries, hours, days of month, monthly history, top 25 robots/spiders visitors, duration of visit, top 25 page URL, file type, top 10 browsers, top 10 operating systems, HTTP Error codes, top 25 search keywords, top 10 search key phrases, and information pertaining to "Connect to site from".

You can access these information from AWStats in cPanel by following the following steps -

Step #1 First login to cPanel
Step #2 You can see the Awstat icon there
Step #3 To check website statistics, click the Awstat icon that is located next to domain name interest.

These are the steps you can follow to view website statistics in cPanel using AWStas.

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