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How To Set Redirection For The Websites Hosted On Windows And Linux Servers

How To Set Redirection For The Websites Hosted On Windows And Linux Servers?

The following are the ways in which websites that are hosted on Linux and Windows servers can be redirected. The redirection can be set to through the Domain Control Panel, in the Windows server and in the Linux server. The domain registrars will let to install URL redirects for pointing your domain to a destination page. This feature is beneficial since you will not have to buy the web hosting services for the source domain; this method is also fast. But to exploit this method, you must use default name servers of the registrar. There are two methods for URL redirects, namely through domain forwarding and domain masking. In domain forwarding, visitors are redirected to the particular destination site automatically. The drawback is that the address bar in the browser displays the destination name. In domain masking or frame direct method, visitors cannot see the destination URL in their browser address bar. Visitors can load the destination web page without removing the actual URL.

When you have Windows servers there are 3 options to redirect URLs. They can be redirected from the website panel, from IIS through the HTTP redirect method and finally, through the IIS URL rewrite module which allows the web admin to produce search-friendly and effective rewrite rules.

When you use Linux servers, URL can be redirected through the cPanel redirects or the .htaccess file.

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