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How To Install Wordpress Using Softaculous

How To Install Wordpress Using Softaculous?

Login to your cPanel account. Go to Software and Services section. Click on Softaculous icon.

Click on the WordPress icon on the homepage. Click on Install tab. 

You will have to fill in details that are asked:

1. Choose domain you want to install WordPress for.

2. In the directory column specify the root folder name for WordPress installation. In case you are installing it in a sub folder ( type blog.

3. Database Name- default. 

4. Table Prefix: default or for security reasons fill it wp_

5. Site Settings: Fill it as you per your needs. You can always change it any time you want.

Software setup

1. Choose protocol:  http://or https if your site is SSL.

2. Choose domain: Click on the domain you want to install WordPress from the drop menu.

3. In Directory: If installing on domain directly leave it blank or if you are installing it in a sub folder type the folder name. 

4. Admin account: Your Username.

5. Admin Password: Strong and unique.  You will have to fill it for your dashboard login.  

6. Admin Email: Enter a valid email address. 

Once all these are filled up press on the Install button.

You will soon get a message.

Congratulations the software is installed successfully. 

You are now ready to use the software. Logon to your WordPress Dashboard and start your work. 

You may contact our helpdesk if you need any assistance. 

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