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How To Identify Hosting Provider

How to Identify Hosting Provider?

There are times that necessitate identification of hosts such as inquiry of password or username, purchasing additional resources including bandwidth memory, or disk space, and sorting out billing associated issues.

Identifying the hosting company can also enable searching for a good host. You can select few websites that are smoothly handling large number of concurrent visits to find out the name of hosting company to identify potential host for your website.

Accessing usual channels such as searching WHOIS database can be a highly complex task. These channels usually provide insufficient information that is limited to name of the person or a company who have registered domain name and not the company that has hosted a particular website.

Web services such as WhoisHostingThis or WebHostingHero are designed to search any registered domain name and provide specific details about the site. After reaching these sites you are required to enter domain name of a website in the relevant search box. The site will return the required information within a jiffy.

In case the site responds with 'domain not registered' you can confirm whether you have typed the correct name or not. Otherwise, you can take it for granted that either the site has never been registered or the domain is nit hosted as yet.

Quick, Simple and Reliable Resource

You need not unnecessarily grapple with complex and unyielding channels to find the name of hosting provider because there is a simple and reliable resource that quickly provides you with all relevant information you must be searching for in addition to name of a hosting company.

You can easily search for that offers a straightforward and simple web service to help users find information regarding hosting providers of different websites. The service is designed to provide specific and precise information about hosting companies including name servers and IP address.

All you have to do is to type in complete domain name such as and you are instantly provided with information about what you have been looking for.

Alternative Resources

Another reliable resource is The site provides more detailed information about web hosts including location, IPv4 address, IPv4 Host Name, Name servers, and ISP just to name a few. What's more the resource will also display a map to help you identify exact geographical position of the host data center.

Searching for a domain is advised even if the domain is not awarded. You can go on scrolling down till you reach the section that hosting information. The entire list provided at the end may contain the name of domain you have been searching for.

Alternatively, you can also Google the name and reach actual website to find the correct domain name. You may also try searching WHOIS database to find a link to access information about domain registration. Instead, that domain can also be registered by using another company. Identification of server on any network requires information about unique IP address that is made up of numbers separated by dots.

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