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How To Access Your Windows Server From Any Internet Enabled Device

How To Access Your Windows Server From Any Internet Enabled Device?

Windows server comes with VPN functionality that helps in remotely accessing office network. However, it should be kept in mind that to access the functionality, it must be enabled first. To enable it, first visit Dashboard's Home tab and then find Setup area to turn on "Anywhere Access". The same functionality can also be turned on by navigating to Settings. However, the feature can get more complicated if the server is connected to a publicly-available Internet domain name. For this the user can either set up a new domain or choose a domain name that is already owned. In case, a new domain name is set up, can be chosen. For home office users, it'll work fine but other users with actual internet presence can't be accepted. Anywhere Access can be configured once internet domain name is set up. In this step, you either have to choose Remote Web Access or Virtual private Network (VPN). After choosing one of the options, you need to choose whether the Anywhere Access feature will be applicable for current users as well as future users. With regards to allowing Anywhere Access to a user, select a concerned user, right-click on it, and find Anywhere Access tab for giving permission. This is how specific users can access Windows server from internet enabled devices. 

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