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Create A Wordpress Post How To Guide

Create a Wordpress Post-How to Guide

There is a common notion among many people that posting a new blog or article in Wordpress is self explanatory. However, when it comes to the beginners, the interface seems overwhelming. There are many hidden gems on posts screen and it has been seen that many savvy users also get surprised sometimes.

In this Blog, Some of the Important Features for Adding New Post Screen and the Available Features are Mentioned

1 Title and Boxes of Content

Most noticeable areas while posting a new blog are title and content. At the top of the screen you will find the Post Title area and just below that the Permalink or Edit URL section. Once you write a title, the permalink automatically gets created. The URL can be edited by clicking the edit button.

Below that the content editor can be seen. In case you have SEO knowledge, you can edit the URL and make it more user-friendly. There are two tabs. While one is Visual Editor, the other is Text editor. If you are a beginner, it is always recommended to go for the Visual Editor because this is where you get WYSIWYG format. Its full format is What You See Is What You Get. However, the text version is for the pro bloggers who like to create their own HTML for publishing content. When you are typing in the WYSIWYG content area, the word count is shown below at your left hand side of the screen. The content you write is also gets auto saved and its status can be seen at your right hand side of the screen.

If you are using the WYSIWYG content format or Visual Editor, the formatting options can be seen from the toolbar. In fact, keyboard shortcuts can also be used for speeding up the process of writing. If required, images can also be inserted by clicking the Add image or media section.

2 The Way of Adding Image and Media

Add Media button can be found between two fields-title and content. When you want to add an image or even a video, you can click on the Add Image button. When you press that button, the media up loader is launched in a popup window. The window will ask you to select the files from your computer for inserting the image. You can also drop files anywhere for uploading the media files and insert them in the blog post.

3 Publishing Options

There are two columns present in the post edit screen of the Wordpress. The post title and content editor sections can be seen on the left. Different meta insertion boxes can be found on the left hand side.The meta box that is present at the top comes with the Publish label. Some of the most important saving and posting options available are "Save draft" option, "Preview" option, Draft status, visibility issue (such as Public, Password protected, and Private), and publishing date and time.

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