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What Is The Difference Between A Vps And Dedicated Server

What Is The Difference Between A VPS And Dedicated Server?

Growing enterprises generally come to a crossroad where they find it tough to choose between VPS hosting plans and dedicated servers. On one hand, they face the steep demand for meeting the increasing need for control over the server and increased bandwidth, on the other they are restricted by budget allocation. Though a dedicated server provider can meet all the needs of a growing business, it is generally economically not the best decision as dedicated hosting services come with a hefty price tag. This is where VPS hosting solutions chip in and has increasingly become the preferred solution for loads of growing businesses. Now, this is where it becomes so important to know the differences between VPS and dedicated servers.

What's the Difference?

In case of dedicated hosting, users get complete control of their physical servers. Data security level in these servers is of highest level because of the dedicated nature of the available storage space. In fact, the entire monitoring and server management can be done either by the user's IT team or can be done by the dedicated server provider. The latter mode of arrangement is known as managed dedicated hosting service where the user needs to shell out few extra bucks to get the server managed by the experts of the hosting company itself.

In case of VPS, a single machine server is involved where dedicated virtual spaces are created that are known as virtual private servers. Many VPSs are there in a physical server and all of them share the root access and hardware. However, each virtual server is separated from the other as all of them come with their own operating systems. Therefore, as a user you can restart a VPS without bothering about its effect on other VPS in the same machine server.

These are the basic differences between dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.

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