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How To Set Up Private Nameservers Vps And Dedicated Servers

How To Set Up Private Nameservers (VPS And Dedicated Servers)

You may register your own private name servers ( and if you have a dedicated or VPS server with us. The first requirement is to get an IP address that you can point your name servers to. You can check your IP address in the Server Welcome email which you must have received at the start or contact our help desk. Register the name servers on the side of your domain registrar.

Get in touch with your domain name registrar on how to setup the name servers. In case you have registered your domain with us follow the step wise guidelines.

Associate your name servers's IP address with a private name servers using the Personal DNS Servers option in your DialWebHosting account which creates glue records for your servers. Record the name servers name and IP address through your account. The information will be recorded with the Registry.

Sign into your DialWebHosting account. Scroll your mouse over to the Account option and select the Domain List or Domain List Menu. Next click on the Manage option. Next go to the Advanced DNS lab> Personal DNS Servers section and click on Add Name server button.  Select the host name of your server from the drop-down menu for Name server and assign the IP address to it. Click on the DONE button. Once registered, you have to set them up on the server.

Log into WHM and go to DNS Functions section > Edit DNS zone menu. You have a drop-down list and choose the domain you want to set the name servers and click on edit. Fill in the SOA record giving your primary Name server and usable email address. Create "A records" for and to the IP address you used and save. Go to basic cPanel & WHM setup menu and add personal information in case you wish to the private name servers to be applied to all new cPanel accounts.

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