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How To Remove A Remote Desktop User From Windows Vps

How To Remove A Remote Desktop User From Windows VPS?

1. Login to your Windows VPS account through Remote Desktop 
2. You will find a Computer Icon. Right click on it. Select Manage from the sub-window
3. Go to the Server Manage and select Configuration. Go to the Local Users and Groups. Here you will get two options of Users / Groups. 
4. Select Users and you will get the list of users here. 
5. Select the user name that you want to delete.
6. Say Yes when you are asked for User Delete confirmation. 
7. This will delete the Remote Desk User from Windows VPS. 

There could be additional users in the list and you may not be aware which of them can access your VPS through remote Desktop. You will need to confirm the users who can connect to your VPS via Remote Desktop. Generally, members of the administrators group can access your Windows VPS through Remote Desktop by default. Windows users who are members of the Remote Desktop Users group can also access the Windows machine via Remote Desktop. You can determine whether the listed users are members of the above user groups

Right click on Username

Click on properties.

Find the "Member of" tab where you will find a details of the selected users and if they belong to any of the groups.

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