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How To Configure Initial Whm Settings Vps And Dedicated Server

How To Configure Initial WHM Settings (VPS And Dedicated Server)

You can configure initial WHM settings if you have VPS or dedicated server with us.

After the mandatory agreeing to the license agreement of cPanel by clicking 'I agree/ Go to Step 2 button' you should proceed to the 'Setup Networking' section.
You can enter 'Contact Information' for establishing ways to receive server updates. You can create a name for your VPS or dedicated server such as because the hostname should be entered in the format of name.domain.tld.

Next, you can add DNS resolvers in 'Resovers' section since it will be used for the server's outgoing DNS queries. Ideally, you can keep default addresses for primary as well as secondary resolvers. In case of the tertiary resolver, you can enter Google Public DNS server's IP address.

It is suggested that you should enter the device recommended by default in 'Main Network/ Ethernet Device' section.

In the next step of IP address, select 'Skip This Step and Use Default Settings' to proceed further.

Now you need to select name server program to be used for your server. This can be done by checking cPanel recommendations to match your needs. In case you are in doubt, you can select the option of 'BIND' because it is suitable for majority of users.

Enter private name servers to be used in 'Name servers Specification' section. Enter different IP addresses preferably for both nameservers by referring to the welcome mail. If you wish, you can use a single IP address. By registering IP addresses at your current registrar you can make your name servers functional.

Enter the server's main IP address in the field 'Add A Entries for Name servers and Host name' and save before proceeding further.

WHM will direct you to next step after it configures name servers.

By using default settings for FTP program, select FTP and Mail programs to enable CphHulk module to protect your server from brute force attacks. You can also specify

Click 'Finish Setup Wizard' and you have now configured initial WHM settings on your VPS/ Dedicated server.

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