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How To Check Bandwidth Utilization Of Vps

How To Check Bandwidth Utilization Of VPS?

To check the bandwidth utilization of a virtual private server account, there are some easy steps to follow. The bandwidth for VPS hosting is calculated according to the billing cycle. To check the current bandwidth on the server you can log onto the VZ Power Panel and under "logs", you can click on the option "Traffic Log". You can find out the traffic for a period which you must specify in order to get the statistics; for this, you will have to type in the start and the end dates. To get traffic for a day, you must click on "calendar" and give the specific date with month and year specifications to get the traffic statistics. When you want to check the bandwidth usage for a specific class, you can click on traffic class; the "all" option will include traffic from every accounting class but the "other" option will show traffic not belonging to any specific class.

When you wish to check the monitor usage for every Windows VPS server, you can make use of the bandwidth meter tool. This measures bandwidth of every server together. You may submit tickets from the client area in order to get the relevant login data for checking the bandwidth usage. To be able to check bandwidth usage of every service separately, you have to set up third-party monitoring tools. For monitoring bandwidth usage on a Linux machine, you can install some command monitoring tools like "nload" or "iftop" or "cacti" or "bmon".

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