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How To Use Drush To Make Drupal Development Easier

How To Use Drush To Make Drupal Development Easier

Drush is the command content used for Drupal and is useful for dealing with tasks ranging from modest script commands to intricate tasks. You can do away with the Graphical User Interface and the mouse when you have this advanced interface to assist you.

Drush is the combination of Drupal and Shell and offers a great way of to managing your modules and Drupal site with simple commands. It greatly simplifies the process and helps complete activities at a greater speed. Drush comes with a series of features such as project manager, core and SQL commands.

How Drush Can Help In Better Management Of All Features

You can manage your modules, themes and profiles better with Drush Project Manager. You can use the project manager to enable or disable or download and uninstall, or even update themes and other aspects of your website in a simple and hassle-free manner. Both developers and site administrators can use the core features of Drush to deal with various functions. The SQL commands from Drush can be handy in management of database as you can raise queries. It also helps in migrating database among environment.

Before you rush to install Drush, make sure you have the basic requirements in place. Some of the mandatory needs that must be in place for you to go ahead with the installation are:

- nix Operating System or Windows Operating System
- Accessibility to Command
- A minimum of PHP 5.2

Drush needs to be installed in the server which is quite different from using a widget or a plugin or a widget generally installed in the Drupal site. Drush can be installed on a single or shared server hosting. However, the server must support SSH access for Drush to be supported on a shared hosting system.

Drush Installation Features

The installation process involves logging into your system and navigating to the root server. You will have to create a new directory and type cd bin and download Drush into the new directory. After the download is completed, unzip all the Drush files and create an alternative name so that you don't have to type the full directory path every time you want to execute a command.

Drush is the best command line shell interface for scripting and managing Drupal. With just a few commands and Drupal setup is complete. Drush makes it easy for users to complete various backend tasks that are associated with administration work.

Drush PM download can used for downloading the specific modules from the web. This can be done by spacing each module from the other. Drush Uninstall can be used for easily uninstalling specific modules from the system. The enable feature can be used for enabling specific modules without even a check. The disable feature can be used to disable all the specific modules. Other features include updating, displaying status and clearing the cache memory.

Drush also comes with a number of user commands that can be used for login purpose, cancelling a specific account or creating a user account.

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