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What Is The Difference Between Shared And Private Ssl

What Is The Difference Between Shared And Private SSL?

SSL is a common term often used with respect to online security. It is an abbreviation for Secured Security Layer. SSL is a method of encryption of information as it transfers across the internet so that is remains safe and is not compromised in any way. A SSL certificate is of two types-shared and private.

Shared SSL

As the name suggests, this is a shared certificate, available to more than one client from the same server. These types of certificates are generally issued in the name of the client but are signed by the providing company. These types of certificates would not work when used with the server host name defined for specific domain name of the client. Rather, these work only with the server names defined by the name of service provider.

These are used in situations where public is not viewing your secure pages and this is limited only to the pages used for internal working of the organization. 

Private SSL

A private SSL is a domain name specific certificate. It is issued in the name of client and is meant for exclusive use of the client for one domain name. This certificate guarantees the best security for public use. This is generally used for the eCommerce websites and provides assurance to visitors for complete security of the data during its transfer through the internet. People make payments on the eCommerce websites which are requires data pertaining to their credit cards or other methods. This data needs protection when it is being transferred over the internet for transaction purposes among the buyer, sellers and merchant bankers. It is the private SSL protection which makes it possible to achieve it. Users can also rest assured of privacy of their data.

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