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Is Ssl Certificate Affecting Loading Speed Of The Site

Is SSL Certificate Affecting Loading Speed Of The Site?

Use of SSL certification is an essential step to ensure security of website and transactions that are performed online.

In spite of the ever increasing growth in number of websites adding SSL certificate to their security paraphernalia, a usual argument is often made to discourage use of SSL certification. The commonly asked question is 'does my SSL certificate slows down my website loading speed'.

Before going into the details of such an argument one must note that Google has started giving a boost in ranking to the sites that use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

It should be understood that the impact of SSL on web performance is hardly 2 percent on network overhead and less than even one percent on the CPU load for Google.

Now, coming back to the point of discussion, let us dwell deeper into the claims that are in favor of the argument. It is felt that encrypted websites consume more resources. In fact with sophisticated technologies, this claim is of no relevance. Modern enterprise-grade hardware is designed to handle this process with unmatched efficiency.

Initial connection process of SSL involves an asymmetric process that is followed by symmetric process. Relatively slower asymmetric process is responsible for establishing point of contact that is secure and through which the exchange of security key takes place. This follows with the session key, allowing switching over to symmetric process that is rather fast.

The total time period for the process is not more than 5 ms and impact of the process on a CPU does not exceed 2 percent even when there are multiple sequential requests taking place. In addition to this, some of the most sought after modern ciphers for securing connections has dedicated instruction to server for accelerating CPU performance.

It is possible to mitigate extra latency (in terms of few milliseconds) caused by SSL encrypting by leveraging edge networks to minimize distance between servers and reducing handshakes.

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