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How To Access A Hosting Account Via Ssh

How To Access A Hosting Account Via SSH

SSH is an abbreviation of Secure Shell. This is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol that helps in gaining secure access to a remote computer.

SSH allows the user to connect their server securely and perform Linux command-line operations. 

SSH is a suite of three facilities:

 - slogin
 - ssp
 - scp

All three are secure versions of the earlier UNIX facilities - rlogin, rsp, and rcp. SSH commands are secure and encrypted. Both ends of client-server connection are authenticated using a digital certificate. In this, passwords are protected through encryption.

Here are some basic instructions on how to access your hosting account via SSH.

On the DV and DV Dedicate-Virtual servers, there are several possible SSH users. Choose the most appropriate one. For domain-specific tasks, you can enable SSH access for the FTP user associated with that particular domain. This is considered the best possible option if you are planning to copy or create web-accessible files. For this, log in to your Plesk control panel. Click on the tab "Websites & Domains". Select 'Web Hosting Access'. Then, select '/bin/bash' for SSH access to server with the FTP user's credentials. Finally, click on "Save Changes" to complete and save your changes.

To perform high-level configuration tasks and server administration, you can enable root user for your server. Once enabled, the user can modify absolutely everything and so it must be used judiciously. There are several steps involved in this procedure.

To achieve high-level tasks with enhanced security, a sudo user can be set up who normally would function as a lower-level user but can perform the same tasks as root whenever it is necessary.

To log in via SSH, you will have to enter login credentials and press 'enter' after every command you type in to execute it.

For PuTTY, you will need to follow a separate list of instructions to access your server.

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