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How Ssl Certificate Secure Your Domain And Server

How SSL Certificate Secure Your Domain And Server?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a security protocol that secures millions of data by establishing an SSL connection with the use of a process called SSL Handshake, which not only happens instantaneously but also remains invisible to the user.

For setting up SSL connection, 3 keys are used -

Public key

Private key

- Session key

In the process, an encrypted public key can be decrypted with the help of private key and the other way round. This process requires a lot of processing power and that's why SSL Handshake is used for creating symmetric session key. Session key is used for encrypting all transmitted data only after the data is made secure.

Steps involved -

Step #1 Once SSL-enabled web server is connected to the browser, the latter requests server in identifying itself.

Step #2 Server sends SSL Certificate copy to the server that include public key of the server.

Step #3 Browser now crosschecks root of the certificate with a trusted CA list.

Step #4 Browser creates, encrypts, and then sends a symmetric session key by using public key of the server, if it trusts the certificate.

Step #5 Symmetric session key is decrypted by the server through use of private keys. Once it is done, for starting the encrypted session an acknowledgement encrypted with session key is sent back.

Step #6 All transmitted data are now encrypted in both browser and server with session key.

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