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What Is The Significance Of Domain Locking For Domain Names Protection

What is the significance of Domain Locking for Domain Names Protection?

A domain name is one of the most valuable business assets. It is nothing but the address of your website and you must have practiced great deal of planning, brain storming, and thought process to arrive at your domain name.

Need to Secure a Domain Name

Your domain name deserves to be protected from a new breed of cyber criminals called as domain hijackers. These hackers are expert in devising new ways to misuse your valuable asset of domain name to jeopardize your business.

These Criminals are Able to Harm Your Business in Following Ways, Just to Name a Few:

 - Altering registration of your domain name without your knowledge and approval with intention of hijacking your business

 - Tarnishing reputation and image of your enterprise by domain name misrepresentation

 - Using a slightly modified domain that sounds similar to your domain name and establishing own business

It should be noted that a domain name transfer cannot take place without the approval of the owner in the most ideal scenario. In order to initiate a domain name transfer, the owner is supposed to submit an authorization code by sending the communication via a registered mail address. Domain name locking provides an additional layer of security against fraudulent practices of cyber criminals. 

Significant Features of Domain Name Locking

Facility of domain locking can be availed from certified domain name registrar to impart authentic and additional protection to your website. One can choose either Theft Protection Domain Lock or Domain Master Lock.

The feature of Theft Protection Domain Lock is designed to safeguard your domain name from illegitimate domain transfers. Domain names can move from one owner to another only with the approval of the present owner. Domain names need to be unlocked before these could be transferred and ICANN accredited registrars facilitate unlocking of domain names.

Domain Master Lock is a highly intricate system of locking domain names. It is designed to prevent modification of contact details and transferring, pushing, or moving domain names internally to accounts of different customers. One cannot add or remove suspension of a domain name if the Master Lock is activated. 

Advantages of Domain Locking

Domain lock can prevent accidental or unauthorized changes in the status of domain name and the facility is provided by the sponsoring registrar as a protective measure. The term 'Client Transfer Prohibited' denotes that the domain name is locked.

Malicious attempts to change web hosts can result in misdirection of name servers. It is another way of stealing your domain names. Domain name locking is the most trusted way to block any activities related with your domain names that are backed by mala fide intentions.

An unapproved change in domain name can be highly damaging and frustrating. The process of domain locking prevents any attempt that directed at transferring your domain to other hosting provider company. In addition to this, domain lock is also used for blocking any attempt to renew, transfer, or modify the present domain name.

A domain name can be locked by registrar even in the absence of an approval by the owner. Some web hosting companies offer free domain locking facility for their clients.

Any activity related with locking and unlocking of a domain name falls under purview of the domain name registrar as well as the authorized owner of the domain name. However if you plan to use a Master Lock, then it should be noted that the final authority to access the lock is with the registrar.

Security of your domain name should be your utmost priority due to growing instances of hijacking and cyber crimes. Domain Name Locking is your most reliable defense to prevent unforeseen consequences.

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