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What Is Domain Name System And How Does It Work

What is Domain Name System And How Does It Work

Domain Name System or DNS is a web-based service that translates domain names into IP addresses. It is imperative that domain name be translated into an IP address because that's what the internet is based on although the alphabetic domain names are easier to remember and recall.
DNS works on the client/server network model. Clients can send requests containing a name to the DNS servers. They receive responses from DNS servers in the form of an IP address. This also works in a reverse manner where clients send a request with an IP address and can receive a name in response. The process is called DNS lookups and reverse DNS lookups respectively.

As IP Addresses are Statically Assigned and not Provided Dynamically, the IP Addresses do not Change.

The DNS database is placed in a chain consisting of special database servers. They are integrated into the network operating system. When requests involving Internet host names are received, the DNS resolver software contacts a DNS server (or many, if the mapping to find the IP address is not available with a specific DNS server) until the IP address for the given host is received at the DNS resolver and the request is returned to the concerned party.

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