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How To Find A Perfect Domain Name For Your Web Store

How to Find a Perfect Domain Name for Your Web Store

Your web store's domain name must exude credibility. This is particularly true for any online store, since the visitors are potential customers who are going to spend their hard earned dollars.

Features of an Deal Domain Names

Domain name of an online enterprise should be catchy and easy to recall. Always consider short names since such domains are better and easier to remember. Ideally your web store's domain name should not have more than 67 characters. Shorter domain names are easier to remember as well.

Online stores depend on mouth to mouth publicity and therefore the domain names must be easy to typ in the browser windows. Try telling your buddy and see if he types it correctly. There should not be any scope for typo, since the miss-spelt domains can lead to loss of business.

Following are the Characteristics of Perfect Domain Names:

 - Short and crisp
 - Easy to type
 - Brandable
 - Unique and credible
 - Easy to recall

Importance of Extensions

The best possible domain extension could be the most popular .com extension. However these are hard to find due to saturation. Alternatively, you can always go for a relevant domain extension.

It is a good idea to have a country specific extension if you are focusing on local clientele. Hence if you are doing business in Australia, then a .au domain will be more relevant and will appeal to your clients than a .com extension that does not strike a chord.

Domain extensions can play vital role in establishing your online venture, especially if you are going to deal in a particular niche.  There are some highly innovative domain extensions such as .blackfriday, .boutique, .cheap, .forsale, .discount, and so forth.

Vital Points to Remember

It is recommended to search your domain name on Google and for probable results. There may be similar sounding websites that can confuse your buyers. For example try searching as a potential domain for your online shop.

You will come across a site named that is engaged in waste management and a packing service provider.

Domain names that appear to be spam-my should be avoided. It is also not advisable to use special characters in domain names.

Never ever think of tricking the search engines by using keywords in domains. Search engines are smarter than you and do not add much value to keyword rich domains.

Instead of that you can think of a name that can be built into a robust brand. Such names are definitely valued by search engines for higher SERPs. Google values brands rather than key words.

Always be careful about the possibility of lock in with your site builder. There are many site builders out there who will be more than pleased to provide custom domain name for your eCommerce venture.

Beware of the terms and conditions mentioned in their agreement, there are service providers offering domain names only for the period of your engagement with them. It is prudent to register your domain with a different domain service provider.

Your domain name is as important as your business website. It is nothing but an online identity of your eCommerce business. Hence it deserves deep thought and insight.

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