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How Long Can The Domain Name

How Long Can The Domain Name ?

A domain name is an important element when you think about a business. For example, when people think of your website, they will think it by your brand name. If your brand name resemble with your website address, the users will automatically know where to go.

In this internet oriented world, where people automatically turn into the web to get the information, it is essential to have a domain name that reflects your business identity. Now the question comes, how long should your domain name be?

It depends upon your domain name registrar, but in general, your domain name should be within 26 to 67 characters limit. But, it doesn't mean that you should have a domain name that is over 30 and 40 characters.

While Selecting the Domain Name, Jot Down the Following Things:

- Your customers need to type your domain name in
- Even though they are clicking a link, that url address needs to be typed in by someone
- Longer domain names are really typical to remember

Officially, many top level domain names (TLD's) like .com, .net, .org restricts the limit to domain name and it is up to 63 characters. In practical terms, domain names should be much shorter than the above listed limit. This is because short names are easy to keep in mind.

Also, Put a Glance on the Below Listed Points While Choosing a Domain Name:

Special Characters in Domain Name: Though, you cannot use the extensive set of special characters in your domain name, but a few you can use. A combination of alphabetical and numeral characters along with hyphen (-) and underscore (_) can be used in your domain name. Check domain availability on domain registrars website to know whether your name is applicable or not.

Camel Case or Use of Dashes in Domain Name: A camel case is that in which two words are typically separated and written in a way that one word with the inner word capitalized. e.g. FedEx. It is a very popular domain form because even though the domain name is registered in all lowercase, you can use the camel case to differentiate the words. Dashes can also be considered in the camel case domain names.

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