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How Important Are Keywords In A Domain Name For Seo

How Important Are Keywords In A Domain Name For SEO?

Frequently changing approach of Google in terms of its ranking algorithms has lead to diverse and radically opposite opinions about the best SEO practices. One can get utterly confused by looking at the wide ranging views on every parameter of search engine optimization.

Google's approach to keyword rich domain names

Seamlessly evolving Google algorithms have been able to keep the debates, discussions, and arguments live in terms of the steps needed to achieve higher SERPs. The debate usually begins at the very beginning of website conceptualization stage.

The most commonly debated point is inclusion of keywords in domain name. Significance of keywords in domain has been constantly degrading over the years in terms of its SEO value. In spite of this, we cannot and should not undermine importance of keyword rich domains.

Apparently, a domain name that is rich in keyword usage seems to be a good idea because of following important factors:

 - It helps search engine instantly rank the site well
 - Presence of keyword in domain improved chance of keyword phrase being a part of anchor text

There was a time when Google had a simplistic logic to find websites that have a close relevance with the keywords in a query. SEO experts started optimizing the websites for search engines, rather than optimizing for visitors.

Many people resorted to build lengthy domain names by cramming keywords, inserting large number of keywords in the website content, link purchasing, and many other things that harmed that degraded the overall user experience for Google to take notice and act in the interest of humans.

It was an altogether different approach of SEO experts that lead Google to change the course. It was also observed that a website may not be relevant to the domain name and the keywords that are pushed in the domain name as well as the content within the website. Google started thinking more logically and most importantly, in the human interest.

How to design domains that boost SERPs

This boils down to what is mentioned in the very beginning of this article. Keywords are slowly but surely losing their relevance from Google's point of view. Although these have not lost their significance, the leading search engine expects website to offer quality content since end users are more interested in the information.

Keywords are extremely important for SEO due to the presence of back links and to be more precise, the anchor text that is part of those back links. The approach towards use of keyword in a domain needs to be more subtle. You can always derive amazing SEO benefits by using a brand-able keyword that is short and does not gives the impression of being spammy.

We need to focus more on domain names that can be turned into brands and are easy to remember. You may also test your domain name by inviting volunteers and ask about their perception of the brand name in terms of organizational purpose. Simplicity of the domain name makes it easy to recall and write.

If you study the topmost websites, then you will understand the value of keeping your domain as short as possible. In conclusion, we must be able to find a crisp and memorable domain name with subtle reference to keywords. It is better to attach more significance to a brandable domain rather than a keyword rich domain.

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