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How Do I Renew My Domains

How Do I Renew My Domains?

The process involved in renewing domain names is more or less same in every domain name check registration platform. Before charting out the process of renewing domain name, it is important to know that domain registrations can be done for one year or more. However, once you register a domain, generally it's difficult to remember the renewal date. For remembering the date of renewal, you can either:

  • Check domain name registration details at Whois search for your domain, or
  • Rely on the email notification for getting reminder of renewing the service (This is the reason why it's always recommended for users to update email information in the Whois information at the time of domain name registration)

Manual Renewal System

No matter whether you are renewing more than 6 domains or less than that, there are two to three steps involved and they are:

Step #1 - Login to the account you have created in the domain registration platform.
Step #2 - Click on "Manage" tab that you can see besides domain names.
Step #3 - Select the domain name that you want to renew.
Step #4 - Select Domain Settings and then click "Renew Domain". 
Step #5 - Now, choose renewal settings, followed by checkout process. 

These 5 manual renewal steps are more or less same in all the domain registration platforms. The settings and tab names may differ a bit but the sense will remain more or less same. 

Automatic Renewal System

If you don't want to remember the date of registration and don't want any kind of renewal hassle, you can simply switch on the automatic renewal system that will renew the registration once the time of initial domain name registration lapses. To set the automatic renewal process, the above mentioned first 3 steps remain the same. After selecting a domain name, find the "Auto renew" option and select "On".

These are the two processes through which you renew your domains.

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