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How Do I Register A Dns On The Internet

How Do I Register A DNS On The Internet?

DNS registration must be done to a central registry, the same way as done in case of domain name registry. For registering a name server, the first thing a business or individual needs to do is contact the Registry so that a concerned domain name can be registered. When registering to a ccTLD name server, ccTLD registry needs to be contacted first and then registered. The process is absolutely same as found in case of domain registration lookup and registration. The only difference is where you do it, which is the central registry.

If you are a complete dummy on domain name registration and DNS registration aspects, you must know that name server registration can't be done without registration of parent domain name. So, what's the first step? The first thing you need to do is lookup for domain registration, register the domain, get an IP address, and make the same active. Once these things are done, only then DNS can be registered. This is because name server set-up can be done with the help of a valid Internet available IP address. You must make sure that the IP address is reachable on internet through a browser.

All the Steps Involved in DNS Registration on Internet are Mentioned Below:

- First, the website owner or webmaster has to login to account of domain name management and then visit client area.
- Now, click on My Domains tab and select parent domain name (with which registration is intended).
- At the right hand bottom corner you will find "Register Name servers". Click on it and enter host name and IP address in the appropriate boxes.
- Once done, click "Register Name server" and the DNS is registered on internet.

Following these steps will help in registration of DNS on internet.

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