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How To Use Your Vps Dedicated Server For Reseller

How To Use Your VPS/Dedicated Server For Reseller?

If you want to become hosting reseller, you have to enrol as a reseller with either a VPS server or dedicated server of the provider. Generally the sign-up process is free of cost. The next step involves customization of store, followed by making money. There is absolutely no technical skills required for an individual to start reselling business. 

The Steps Involved are -

Step #1 Generally no set-up fee is charged by the service provider. The service provider charges only the customers of the reseller when they sign up and the provider starts handling the billing transaction on behalf of the reseller. If there's no sale, nothing will be charged from the reseller.

Step #2 The reseller has to select the portfolio of services that he/she intends to sell. The reseller can choose from shared servers, PS, dedicated servers, clouds, and else. Once the services are selected, the prices are to be set-up by the resellers themselves. With every sales, the item's wholesale cost will be deducted by the hosting service provider with the rest being income of the reseller.

Step #3 Resellers can use their own logo for branding and give a personalized touch to the brand.

Step #4 Reseller has to market the created packages for attracting customers.

These are the steps involved in using VPS/dedicated server for resellers.

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