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How To Transfer Files From One Linux Server To Another

How to Transfer Files From One Linux Server to Another

Transferring files from one Linux Server to another is not a difficult task. Though, the number of files depend while moving files from one to other. To perform files transferring task successfully there are certain commands which really help.

Let's have a look on three easy commands to transfer your files:

1. Share a single file with "scp" command:

To push a single file from Linux server to another server, one can command "push" or "pull". These two commands help the users to drive the file. Then one can type the command "". This command will transfer that single file over other system, into the xyz user id. This time the file will be named "that file" and not "myfile". 

Then if you logged on to the other system, you can easily pull or push the same file with the command " that file", and avail the same result.

2. Share an entire directory with "scp" command:

To share an entire directory, it is better to add -r switch. It helps to copy the entire folder or directory and perform definably. The command "scp folder" will help to copy the entire directory "myfolder" over other system. The transfer process will include all its texts along with all the additional directories. The best part is that the directory on my folder will still be the same. 

3. Sharing large, heavy, messy files and directories with "tar" command:

It is easy to create a single file or to sort numerous files into one folder with "tar" command. Once a single file created, it is easy to copy that file with the help of "scp" command. One can also use "tar" to expand the file on the other server. You can command "tar - cvzfhome.tar.gz home/" to create a single file and "" to share the same. 

These are three easy steps to share the files from one Linux server to another server. 

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